The referendum results are in ….


Well after all the hard work and fantastic support from the local community the results of the referendum are in:

Turnout : 22.5%

Votes for ‘YES’ to adopt the plan : 1033 (90.7%)

Votes for ‘NO’ to reject the plan : 105 (9.2%)

Votes marked as void : 1


A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen, and also the support from local businesses.

Thank you everyone who took the time to turn out and vote, it just shows how much the people of Armitage and Handsacre care about their community and this result and the plan itself puts us in a really good position for future generations within the area.



Welcome to the website for the Armitage with Handsacre Neighbourhood Plan.

The Armitage with Handsacre Neighbourhood Plan is our community’s vision for the future. It sets out how we can maintain the rural character and sense of community that we all love, working together to provide guidance, ideas and aspirations to help shape the development of Armitage and Handsacre for future generations.

Through consultation with those who live and work in the village, the Plan addresses matters of greatest concern to residents, and gives the village a collective community voice. It outlines actions we can undertake as a community alone and also with the assistance of others.

Armitage with Handsacre needs a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will summarise the views of the local community in terms of:

Development – The type of development, (housing and business) we would like to see come into the village and where it would appropriately be located.
Traffic and Transport – managing traffic in the village, develop sustainable transport which is environmentally friendly, safe and meets peoples needs.

Infrastructure – green open spaces, play facilities, health facilities, community facilities, access to the countryside, sports facilities, schools etc.

All development within our local area should meet present needs without compromising those of future generations. The Government’s Localism Act (2011) provides local communities to develop Neighbourhood Plans, the Plans are protected by law and are to be taken into consideration when future development is proposed. Lichfield District Council have adopted their Local Plan Strategy 2008 – 2029. The Strategy includes the need for housing to be considered within Armitage with Handscare during the plan period. The Neighbourhood Plan will need to conform with the Local and National Planning Policies.

Help us to get the most out of the life we enjoy in Armitage with Handsacre:

  • What matters most to you in what we have here?
  • What aspects of our community need our support and protection?
  • What changes do you want to see?
  • What needs to be brought in or developed?
  • It’s YOUR village – It’s YOUR future – Have YOUR say Now!

Download a copy of the plan today using the links provided on this site, if you have any comments on the current draft plan then please download the comments form also provided on this site, print it off and then return the completed form to the Village Hall on Shropshire Brook Road, all comment forms need to be returned by the 16th June 2017.