Please find a number of the most frequently asked questions regarding the village plan

Why don’t we just band together and object to all new building in our village?

The government has already allocated the levels of new building required across the United Kingdom, the levels of building required vary across the UK and our own allocation is already decided, in simple terms objecting to the building now would be futile as the building has already been ‘rubber stamped’ to happen.

Whilst this may sound as though we are fighting a losing battle, or like chasing a horse that has already bolted, the production of a neighbourhood plan allows us as a community to have a say in how new developments are undertaken.

Although we cannot effect the amount of housing required as our ‘fair share’ by the government, we can have a say on the types of housing we would like to see, perhaps as an example smaller starter homes for both first time house buyers and also those wishing to downsize, later on in life but who wish to remain in the village.

We can also express a preference for particular areas for development and guide on whether we desire either a number of smaller developments, or perhaps one larger development, or some other configuration of building to fulfil our allotted target of required new build properties, and this is why the collective input of our community is so important to help shape the decisions that will be made.

Have your say and complete the online survey today.

Will the planners actually use our neighbourhood plan when making decisions?

In a word ‘yes’.  Although the plan is only a guidance on the desires of the community, and isn’t an absolute requirement on planning,  it does have a certain weight that the local planning departments will take into account, and to put this into perspective, without a neighbourhood plan in place, the villagers get relatively little say in any decisions made, so it is key for the community to express their opinions through the collective voice of a neighbourhood plan.

One of the most important parts of our plan is the results of the survey undertaken, because these views are true representations given by the individuals who live and work in our villages.

Where are these new houses going to be built?

We don’t know where the new houses will be built until developers put their applications in, however this is why it’s really important for us as a village to get a neighbourhood plan in to place, to give our input on places we think may be suitable and those that we prefer them not to use, the plan will help shape the village for generations to come.

Why does Hawkesyard estate not count towards our quota?

We are awaiting clarification of this from our local councillors.

What schools / doctors and dentists will they use, the ones we have are already full?

We are awaiting clarification of this from our local councillors.

What do we gain by having a neighbourhood plan?

If we have a neighbourhood plan in place then we can have a say and help shape the way the village is developed for the future, if we don’t put a plan in place then we could potentially end up with a site similar in size to the Hawkesyard Estate, but with no financial support towards providing the local infrastructure needed to support it.

What can I do if I have comments to make about the plan after I download it?

You can give us your feedback using the comments form which can be downloaded here, all comment forms must be returned to the Village Hall on Shropshire Brook Road by the 16th June 2017.